Secure a Protection Plan for the South West forests
November 18, 2022

The Secure a Forest Protection Plan event at Perth City Farm on Tuesday night was a great success! Many thanks to our network of volunteers and supporters who came along – it’s only through the contribution of skills and knowledge from so many people that we can secure the best possible Forest Management Plan for the South West Forests.

Special thanks to Traditional Owner Daniel Garlett for his mesmerising, musical Welcome to Country. Thanks also to Daniel Jan Martin and Hugh Finn for their presentations, which made it very clear that we are at a pivotal moment for the forests – how they are protected over the next decade in the Forest Management Plan 2024 – 2033 (FMP) will have far-reaching consequences for the future.

Daniel Jan Martin discussed the Beyond 2024 mapping project, and how forest values were assessed to propose new protected areas. He stressed that the promised 400,000 ha of forests to be protected under the draft FMP need to be formalised quickly due to current threats, like the proliferation of mining applications.

Hugh Finn spoke about how after a history of logging, fragmentation and disease, huge areas of forest are now less resistant to climate change. We need to act now to protect and restore them to ensure that in another 100 years there are mature, large, formally protected forest landscapes with low flammability right across the South West.

Giz Watson spoke about WAFA’s assessment of the draft FMP – what’s good and what needs changing before the final is published – and how people can have their voice heard. 

For more info on the draft FMP and the public comment process head to the WAFA website, where you’ll find links to our assessment of the FMP, details about how to make a submission and submission writing workshops.

Thank you to Oceanique for their beautiful music and to Fare Go Food Truck, GO2CUP, Hainault, Fairbrossen, Bunn, Cullen for food and drinks, and Perth City Farm for the venue. Thanks also to volunteers Kait, Jane, Giz, Heidi, Tanya, Kate and Nic.

Thanks to everyone for your support and for everything you do for the forests, from the WAFA team!

Take action

Sign on to WAFA’s submission
We’ll add your voice to the chorus calling for the full and secure protection of the South West’s remaining forests. Sign on here. You can still make your own submission as well. 

WAFA’s assessment of the plan
Download and read our assessment to help you write your own submission.

Make your own submission
Submit via email or through the DBCA website.

Submission Writing Sessions
We’re running two writing sessions to help you make your submission. Hybrid session (online and in person here at City Farm) Friday 2nd December and a purely online session Tuesday 6 December.

Co-work for forests
We come together twice a week at Perth City Farm to work on a range of tasks including painting signs, printing t-shirts, data entry and more. Sign up here.

Franklin Screening
Highlighting the Franklin campaign as an inspiring example of the power of non-violent direct action to bring about lasting change. Screening on Wed 14 Dec Includes Zoom Q&A with Bob Brown and $5 from each ticket sold will be donated to WAFA.

Tracing Gondwana
An exhibition called Tracing Gondwana opens at Midland Junction Arts Centre this Saturday about Gondwana Link. They’ll be promoting the FMP throughout the exhibition which runs until early next year.

Julimar Forest for National Park
Connect with Julimar Conservation and Forest Alliance on Facebook for more information on their petition.