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Forests for Climate, Forests for Life

Forests are a major ally in the climate crisis. We must prioritise their conservation.

But right now, logging and clearing are major drivers of climate change, releasing huge volumes of carbon into the atmosphere and destroying a critical carbon sink.

As climate change intensifies, droughts and fires are having severe impacts on the forests and wildlife.

We need to safeguard the forests so that they can continue to safeguard the climate, and the planet.

But before we can do this, we need significant policy change.

Sign the petition to email Premier Mark McGowan and call on him to protect WA’s forests for climate, communities, water and wildlife.

it takes a team

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Learn with our online forums, engage with your local Member of Parliament and your local media, reach out to your community and help us fundraise.

Let’s learn and take action together. 

show up

Since WAFA began, rallies; protests; forest blockades; camps; trainings and celebrations have been central to what we do.

Events get the attention of decision makers, and are often the catalyst for great achievements for forests in Western Australia.

Be a part of these successes with us and show up to an event to show your solidarity for forests in deeds, as well as words.


Non-Violent Direct Action works. The individuals who dedicate their time, skills and patience to this important part of campaigning, are to be saluted and congratulated for their incredible achievements and ongoing, vital work.