Margaret River Forest Rally August 2020
August 23, 2020

The Forest Rally held on Saturday in Margaret River saw hundreds of people gather in Memorial Park in response to the call to stop the logging of native forests. 

What an awesome first event in support of the new “Forests for Climate – Forests for Life” campaign!

Forest protection IS climate action!

The rally was co-hosted by the Margaret River Regional Environment Centre, WAFA and the South West Forest Defenders.  

The Rally got some fantastic mainstream media, including Channel ten and independent media at The Q.

A great line-up of local speakers, including Zac Webb from the Undalup Association and local comedian and writer Ben Elton, as well as Jess Beckerling (WAFA) and Diane Evers (Greens) spoke for their allotted 5 mins. The same view through many different eyes…

Ray Swarts and Peta Goodwin from MRREC, the organisers of the rally, also spoke about how seeing the trees falling to the machines, the mess and madness of logging, made them feel feelings shared by many there. 

A long convoy of buses and cars left soon after the speeches and headed out to see a logging coupe  40 minutes drive out of town– about half those who joined the convoy had never seen a logging coupe. It was a chance to see both intact and logged forest. 

Yes, gut-wrenching.

DO SOMETHING was the rally message – a flyer with a list of things you can DO were handed out. 

The flyer is attached with live links so you can get started… 

..and this IS just the start. Get behind the campaign – take it to YOUR community, talk to your friends, email Mark McGowan using this handy link  and tell him to protect Forests for Climate and for Life.

Contact: Jess Beckerling | WAFA convener | 0488 777 592