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April 12, 2023

Here’s where you’ll find updates on all the important events and other links related to WAFA’s campaigns.

Permanent protection for Southwest forests

  • Publication of the final WA Forest Management Plan 2024-2033 is due by the end of 2023. You can view WAFA’s submission on the draft plan here
  • The next step is for the EPA to decide on a review process of the draft FMP. It is critical that there is a full environmental assessment and that Ministerial Conditions are imposed to make the next FMP legally enforceable. The EPA are now seeking input about whether to conduct a PER. We have until the 18th May to respond.

New National Parks and other protected areas

Last year of logging

  • We are working to reduce the impact of logging in its final year and urging the Forestry Minister to take the most ecologically and socially significant forests off the logging list. The logging plans are available on the Forest Products Commission website.
  • You can write to the West Australian Forestry Minister Jacquie Jarvis to express your concerns at: Minister.Jarvis@dpc.wa.gov.au

Northern Jarrah Forests

Take action and join us in calling for an expert, independent review on WA’s prescribed burning practices. Every year, DBCA burns over 200,000 ha of forests and other ecosystems in the South West of WA.

The program is intended to reduce the risk of wildfire but in reality, it is having profoundly negative impacts on ecosystems, wildlife, climate and people’s health.

Every voice counts! Please send an email to Minister Whitby today!

Black Cockatoo Crisis
Screening times and tickets for this award-winning social impact documentary by filmmaker Jane Hammond can be found here

Save the Black Cockatoos
Visit the website where you can find all the current actions, the Emergency Plan and links to social media:

Volunteer with WAFA
WA Forest Alliance has a long and proud history of being volunteer-driven. We rely on the community’s generosity and passion for forest conservation to help us achieve our campaign goals and protect the South West forests.
Volunteer with WAFA
Co-work for forests

The Sustainability Handbook
Check out the fabulous guide to sustainability and volunteering prepared by Kirsten, a student intern at The Wilderness Society – it’s a fabulous resource for young people in WA! Read it as a digital flipbook