Nannas for Native Forests conduct a ‘citizen inspection’ of Simcoa’s Silicon Plant Near Bunbury
January 21, 2021

The formidable Nannas for Native Forests conducted a ‘citizen inspection’ inside the gates of Simcoa Operations on Sunday the 17th of Januray. They gathered photographic evidence to expose the massive amount of Jarrah that is being burned as charcoal and going up in smoke. 

After being profoundly disappointed by the lack of meaningful action to protect forests following their meeting with Minister Dave Kelly late last year, the Nannas have identified Simcoa as the major driver of logging of Jarrah forests – being by far the single largest buyer of Jarrah, and burning all of it as charcoal in the Silicon manufacture process. 

This is grossly irresponsible given the urgent need to avert dangerous climate change and prevent wildlife extinctions. 

We need the McGowan Government to take meaningful and immediate action to protect South West forests for climate and for life. 

As one of the Nannas said to me, when your Nanna calls, you turn up! Please stand in support of the Nannas and the forests today by taking this important action – 

Take a photo of yourself with a sign that says: 

Forests For Life, Not Charcoal


Something like this:


1. If you are on Facebook, post the photo with a message that you are supporting the Nannas taking action at Simcoa today to expose what’s happening to our Jarrah forests and include the following handles: 





2. If you aren’t on Facebook, please email the Premier: to express your support for the Nannas and ask him to act to protect the South West forests. You can include your photo if you’d like to. 

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Thank you for everything you’re doing for the forests, climate and social justice. We’re formidable together. 

For the forests, 


Thanks to Fremantle Freelance for putting this footage together of the day.