A huge win for WA forests!
September 9, 2021

What a massive, historic and marvellous thing we’ve done! 

Yesterday, Premier McGowan announced that native forest logging will end in WA by January 2024. 

This huge victory comes as a result of the incredible, heartfelt efforts of thousands of people over many decades. 

Thank you for every single thing you have done to bring this about – we’re formidable together and we’ve done something extraordinary. 

We finally, after all these years, have an acknowledgement from Government that the forests are worth more standing for climate and biodiversity, and that we can and must complete the transition of the industry out of native forests.

But this is not the end. We still have two years ahead of us until the next Forest Management Plan is signed and sealed and we must maintain our focus to ensure that this very welcome new direction, results in the forest protection that we so desperately need.

It’s also important to recognise that the Premier’s announcement doesn’t address all of the threats facing the forests. It doesn’t end clearing of jarrah forests for bauxite mining, or deal with issues surrounding thinning of degraded regrowth forests. It also doesn’t address fire management.

There will however, be plenty of opportunity coming up for us to have an effect on these other major issues facing the forests during the development of the next Forest Management Plan, and through other processes and we will be facing them with the same determination that we have faced logging with.

Please write to the Premier and Ministers Sanderson and Kelly today, and your local Labor MP to thank and congratulate them. And get on the radio and express your support. 

We have a couple of years ahead of us to get the details right, and to back this in. And we’ll be working hard to limit bauxite mining and address thinning and fire issues. But for now, let’s stop, reflect and celebrate and then get back to work. 

In solidarity for the forests,